"Coquille" becomes a Star!...

Some where in 2005 mid-july, I received a phone call :

Staying off from details, three days later, I am gathering, with "Coquille", in the middle of a wheat field in a magnificent country scenery, surrounded with a young and dynamic team of photographs, make up and dresser stylists, assistants, and producer from "Madame Brown", with a group of lovely one to two years old babies and their parents, for a picture taking session... all around my Boler !

Just like professionnal models, the babies walk through make up and dressing rooms, each their turns, and put on a lot of wears from Gagoutagou Collection wich will be on shelves during a coming season.

"Coquille", wonder filled for anticipating to be part of fashion catalogs and advertising panels, was flashing amoung wheat plants... Here are some pictures :