The 2003 great project : Buying and Renovating a 1977 Boler Caravan

Our motivation in camping is for travelling, where we change from campground to campground quite every day.

We have camped for many years, first with a tent, then with a trailer-tent. Now, we are both retired, and we want to go on camping, but with a greater comfort.

After reflection, we concluded that a fiberglass RV should be what is best for us.

So, after some research on Internet, we found a 1977 Boler Caravan that meets our goals, and we bought it.

During my research on Internet, I discovered the Bolerama site and its forum as well as the one of fiberglassrv . On this later, I found a community of enthousiasts of fiberglass RV. Proving that, the publication, among a lot of other ones, of all those renovation projects they have made. Following their examples, I decided, me too, to personalize my new toy, that Boler.

Here are a few pictures of it.

First, before renovations, then after.